Comics Etc.

Making it fun and easy to buy comics online

Lamb Agency

Comics Etc. is one of the last physical comic book stores remaining in Queensland. Their resilience is due to strong market presence and great location. I built them a Shopify store with a focus on simple usability with a few sprinkles of fun character interaction to tie into the comic aesthetic.

One of the key usability features I proposed and implemented on this project is the series navigation. Conceptually, we were trying to tap into the comic reader mindset of being committed to certain series. Features like previous / next issue navigation and next issue notifications help to streamline the flow between products.

Additionally, the related products use custom logic to more easily find more products by the same authors and artists, which is also integrated into the main collection filtering.

Aesthetically, the site borrows from comic and animation styling, with exaggerated animations, flashy colours and a custom-built full screen page transition effect.