GIC Insights

Big business, VIP website

Lamb Agency / Human Made

GIC Insights is an annual conference for business leaders hosted by GIC - a global investment firm managing Singapore’s foreign reserves.

I worked with Human Made to produce this site on the WordPress VIP platform. Wordpress VIP is the official Automattic enterprise hosting solution, with strict code quality requirements and an exclusive stable of development partners.
GIC Insights is built on the WordPress VIP platform

Working with an external agency doing code review is an interesting process. Having different coding standards and approaches can make it tough to initially line up your work with expectations, and bad habits die hard.

Eventually all my pull requests got approved and the site launched ahead of the 2019 event.

The resources and gallery listing pages are a fun bit of code - using Preact as a lightweight view layer, I was able to combine live filtering with an AJAX request, so that relevant cards remain in the listing whilst the rest of the "page" is populated in the background.