A place to call home

Josephmark April 2021

Josephmark is one of the best boutique design studios in Australia, and my home. With our renewed business focus on venture products and technical focus on performance, it was time for a new website in 2021.
Mobile screens from - The People's Grid case study, careers page and about page.

Built on Next.js, I used on-demand static generation and Tailwindcss for styling. This build manages to connect visually engaging design with high performance. Basically it's a Ferrari - beautiful to look at and blisteringly fast when it needs to be.

Underneath the surface is a powerful content management tool based on Strapi which gives our editors access to flexible layouts without the possibility of exploding our design system. There's also a custom image CDN based on Lambda and Cloudfront to catch sneaky assets that make it to production without being optimised.

Screenshot of showing the strapline and brand case studies - Billycart, Pyn and RCA Records.