Marble and Grain

Formal dining for carnivorous epicureans

Fastrack Group

Marble & Grain is one of Australia's premier steak restaurants, attached to the Avenue Hotel in Canberra. They have a rich venue, complemented perfectly by quality food and drink options, and great events tailored to tasteful epicureans.

This website is quite simple technically - four templates and no crazy Javascript. Nevertheless, the imagery and design really help this site to stand out. With a dark, warm venue, creating a light and accessible site created a strong counterpoint, which highlights the character of the restaurant really well. As with all the sites I build, I made a point to optimise for performance as much as possible. The images are served via Imgix, which automatically detects support for Webp and crops and optimises images on the fly.

I also made use of script.js to asynchronously download dependent scripts, allowing the initial JS payload to be much smaller and also download async, but still make use of plugin code, including a custom screen-entry animation function based on scrollMonitor, which allows supported browsers to trigger enter/leave screen functionality without utilising CPU-heavy scroll event listeners. The final JS bundle weighs in at 24kb and the CSS weighs in at 14kb.