Ruckus Fiends

Spreading love for bad cars


Ruckus Fiends is my personal car and lifestyle blog, heavily influenced by the Japanese car culture of the 90s. I developed the brand and blog to showcase an alternative aesthetic to the high-end supercars and perfect car show builds that most car blogs focus on, mixed in with a dose of fashion and "vibes" - photos that exude a nostalgic feeling that lock in with the blog's overall aesthetic.

When I initially created Ruckus Fiends, I drew inspiration from a lot of skate brands, but quickly moved away to this pixel art style with digital glitch elements, which I think is pretty unique and complements the style of the blog and brand really well. I learned a lot creating the logo animation, and have come to love dithering and pixel art.

During one of the long uni semester breaks I decided that I couldn’t find a theme that I liked for the blog, so I set out to make one myself – a multi-column, responsive, colourful yet minimal tumblr theme.

Enter "Fiendish Minimal" - a hand crafted Tumblr theme using Masonry and Infinite Scroll to create an immersive content experience. Whilst primarily a car content aggregator, Ruckus Fiends also touches on fashion and general aesthetics in a similar vein. Once upon a time, I even created original content for the blog.

Whilst I don't get out to shoot photos much any more, I still enjoy curating content and tweaking the theme and creating new logo variations. I'm really happy with where the blog is at currently and only see it continuing to grow and become a more prominent feature in the online car enthusiast community.